New Permanent Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations in New York

Permanent Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations in New York, Dr. Zlatko Lagumdzija, presented his Letter of Credentials to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Antonio Guterres. The ceremony was held on July 6, 2023.

On that occasion, Dr. Lagumdžija stated that it is a special honor for him to serve as Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UN, especially considering the global challenges the world is currently facing. Consequently, not only the strength and significance of multilateralism and the UN as the most important multilateral organization are being challenged, but also peace, stability, and necessary advancement of the Western Balkans countries on their Euro-Atlantic path.

He further emphasized that Bosnia and Herzegovina will continue its constructive contribution in and support for the work of the Organization in all its fields, in particular towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, building peace and preventing violent extremism and hate speech.

Ambassador Lagumdžija took the opportunity to inform the Secretary General about the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially concerning serious threats to peace, security, and the foundations of the Dayton Peace Agreement, the most serious since its signing. This requires a decisive action in upholding international law, as well as action of the international community in protecting the institutional framework of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Secretary General Guterres pointed out that he is closely following the developments in the Balkans and further reiterated the unequivocal support of the UN for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of BiH. He remains committed to contributing to the acceleration of the reconciliation process and the intensifying of the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals, both through his personal engagement and through the more active role of the UN Secretariat.

Finally, he announced his intention to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, in order to personally pay tribute to the victims of the Srebrenica Genocide.

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