Dialogue between UN Resident Coordinators and Member States





Ms. Šejla Đurbuzovic

Deputy Permanent Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Dialogue between Resident Coordinators and Member States


Ladies and Gentlemen,

         At the outset, I would like to thank Ms. Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations and Chair of the United Nations Sustainable Development Group., for convening this crucial dialogue and providing the unique possibility to engage Resident Coordinators on the role, impact, and added value of the reinvigorated Resident Coordinator system.

Furthermore, I extend my sincere gratitude to the Resident Coordinator office and the UN Country Team for recognizing the progress made in implementing and promoting Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina across all levels of government.

In recent years, we globally have faced numerous challenges, ranging from tragic natural and man-made disasters to global crises like the Covid-19 pandemic, armed conflicts, and disruptions in energy and food supply chains. These events have significantly impacted various aspects of people lives, posing a considerable setback to our collective efforts in achieving the SDGs by the target date set during the 2015 Summit.

Despite these challenges, we have undertaken several initiatives showcasing Bosnia and Herzegovina’s commitment to the SDGs. Notable among them was the presentation of our Second Voluntary Review during the High-Level Political Forum in July. Additionally, two significant events at the United Nations Headquarters, namely a Sub-regional Meeting on SDGs in the Western Balkans and a High-Level Meeting focusing on Financing Frameworks and Sustainable Development Goals, underscore our dedication to the cause.

While highlighting our achievements, it is essential to acknowledge the challenges we face, including brain-drain, difficulties in accurate data collection, and inadequate funding. The Resident Coordinator’s Office and the Resident Coordinator have played a crucial role in supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina’s development of the Voluntary National Review, presented at the HLPF. Moreover, the RCO has been instrumental in bringing the international community together to support vital policy initiatives for our country.

Collaborating with Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina proposed the establishment of the “Working Group on the Western Balkans 2030 for the SDGs and the European Union” on regional Ministerial meeting during September UN General Assembly in New York. 

This initiative aims to foster cooperation and integration within the Western Balkan region, aligning with the SDGs and EU agendas. By promoting cross-cutting collaboration and shared progress, we aspire to develop a Western Balkan economic community and green, health, digital, and education communities, aligning with applicable EU integration processes.

The Working Group has an opened-ended nature, and, accordingly, its composition shall be updated, subject to the approval of its membership. In this respect we strongly support and expect the inclusion of RCOs and RCs from Western Balkan in a substantial way.

Representatives of the UN System, academia, scientific community, media and NGOs will be invited to brief the Group and work together on specific topics of discussion. We aare welcoming proper involvement of UN RCs in Western Balkans to be as well involved to actively participate and advise the work of the Group.

As we progress, our focus should shift towards innovative ways of financing SDG-related projects, strengthening the private sector, and enhancing still underdeveloped public-private partnerships.

In conclusion, I emphasize the importance of resilience, regional cooperation, integration, financing, and localization in our ongoing efforts towards achieving the SDGs. It is important to highlight our readiness to collaborate with other stakeholders as part of collective initiatives associated with the upcoming Summit for the Future next year.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


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