The peace-keeping operations of the United Nations Organization represent expression of permanent commitment to peace and general security. These operations are one of the mechanisms of the United Nations Organization for establishing peace and security. These operations are realized through deployment of police and armed forces as well as civilian on the territory of the state where peace had been violated. Bosnia and Herzegovina became a member of the United Nations in May 1992. It has been actively committed to participation of police officers in peace-keeping operations, which represents one of the obligations of member states of the United Nations.

In peace-keeping operations since the year 2000 until today, in total 212 police officers (of which are 31 female or 14.62 %) from Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in peace operations in Liberia, Sudan / South Sudan, Cyprus, East Timor and Haiti. The UN Mandate is reflected through providing support to the implementation of peace agreements, support to governments in the implementation of security reforms, protection of civilians (especially the most vulnerable groups of population: displaced persons, returnees, women and children), providing and organizing various trainings for local police officers, as well as preventing renewal of conflict, restoring public peace and security.

Currently, there are 47 police officers (of which are 10 female or 21, 27 %) deployed in peace-keeping mission of the United Nations in Liberia, South Sudan and Cyprus. The extension of mandates for already deployed police officers depends on UN Mission’s needs. Usually all of the B&H police officers get one or two extensions.

Participation of BiH police members in UN peacekeeping missions has significantly contributed to the international affirmation of Bosnia and Herzegovina; consequently enabling Bosnia and Herzegovina to become an active member in creating the international security. Keeping in mind that Bosnia and Herzegovina, as one of the UN members, has responsibilities to participate in peacekeeping operations, as well as to affirm the position of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the international scene, the BiH Ministry of Security will take all necessary measures to make the police officers from Bosnia and Herzegovina competent to participate in peacekeeping operations of the United Nations.

The deployment of police officers in peacekeeping operations is regulated by the Law on Deployment of Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina, police officers, civil servants and other employees in peacekeeping operations and other activities in foreign countries („ BiH Official Gazette “number: 14/2005) and the Rules of Procedures for deployment of police officers of Bosnia and Herzegovina to peacekeeping operations, and other activities abroad.