Permanent Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UN, Ambassador Mirsada Colakovic participated in the special UN mission in Jordan


From April 24 to May 2, 2015, Ambassador Colakovic participated in the UN mission in Jordan as a member of the executive board of UN WOMEN, along with members of other UN agency executive boards (UNICEF/UNDP/UNOPS/WPS/UN WOMEN). The goals of the mission were to prepare a report on the standing of Syrian refugees, their rights and standard of living, and the provision of basic resources to live in organized camps and outside of them. Since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Jordan has provided shelter for millions of refugees, which has presented itself as a burden on the country’s economy and social life. Jordan is hoping that the reports will reactivate the help from the donor’s community, which has not been able to provide sufficient support due to the length of the crisis and the opening of new centers around the world.

The mission consisted of two segments: visits to refugee camps (Za’atari and Azraq) and meetings with high standing officials of the Jordan government and kingdom – ministers for development and planning, communication, security and foreign affairs, as well as the envoy for foreign politics.

A special, separate meeting was organized for the UN Women executive board with Princess Basma Bint Talal of Jordan, who is internationally known and respected for her fight for the equality of women, against the abuse of children and women, as well as raising awareness for children with special needs.

Ambassador Colakovic took this opportunity, speaking in the name of the UN Women executive board, to talk about broadening collaborative projects between the UN and organizations in Jordan, as well as local non-governmental organizations with special emphasis on prioritizing the protection of rights and help for refugees,  the protection of women’s and children’s rights, the fight against human trafficking and the establishment of better conditions for the education of refugee children and youth.

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