BiH Presidency Chairman Željko Komšić met today with H.E. Antonio Guterres, the United Nations Secretary General

During the discussion about the current political situation, Chairman Komšić said that Bosnia and Herzegovina advocate good neighborly cooperation and is committed to resolving all outstanding questions with neighboring countries. He pointed out as an example of our country’s good relationship with Montenegro, and that these are the only two countries in the region that have no unresolved questions.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres meeting with H.E. Mr. Željko Komšić (Chairman of the Presidency, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA).


On the topic of the relationship of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Croatia, Chairman Komšić said that our country has a good understanding with its neighbours, and that it is ready for a dialogue that would lead to resolving all outstanding questions. He said he hoped to improve relations with the Republic of Serbia, given the upcoming meeting between the BiH Presidency and President Aleksandar Vučić.

As for the Republic of Croatia, he stressed that he expected to start a positive dialogue with this neighbouring country after the elections which are to be held in Croatia at the end of the year. When it comes to unresolved questions with the Republic of Croatia, there are issues such as the succession agreement and the sea border, which Bosnia and Herzegovina is ready to resolve through dialogue and agreement.

Chairman Komšić referred to the statement by President Grabar-Kitarović who, during the meeting with H.E. Gutteres commented on the BiH Election Law and the fact that it has not been amended. Chairman Komšić said that the Election Law needs to be changed in many segments, however, that it is nevertheless an exclusively internal issue of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be decided only within Bosnia and Herzegovina.

UN Secretary-General Mr. Gutteres stated that relations between Bosnia and Herzegovina and its neighbours should be resolved by agreement, and that an environment should be created to overcome differences through positive dialogue. Mr Gutteres also said that the European Union and NATO should be open to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

President Komšić also touched on the European Commission’s Opinion, pointing out that he fully agrees with the recommendations set out in the Opinion and fully supports their implementation.

During the talks, Chairman Komsic also said that our country remains committed to the goals of the United Nations, and is ready to continue its participation and contribution to UN missions in the world.

He informed Secretary-General Guterres that Bosnia and Herzegovina was ready to participate in the UN’s Dialogue for the Future program, but the official decision needs the agreement from all three members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Chairman Komšić congratulated the UN Secretary-General on the Mostar Peace Connection International Award, which was given to him by the Center for Peace and Multiethnic Co-operation from Mostar earlier this year.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres meeting with H.E. Mr. Željko Komšić (Chairman of the Presidency, BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA).



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