18th anniversary of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Celebrating Success and Building Bridges: Dr. Zlatko Lagumdzija Addresses the UN Gathering

Dr Zlatko Lagumdzija, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Permanent Representative to the UN, spoke passionately at the reception marking a dual celebration of the 18th anniversary of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the 80th year of the nation’s statehood.


“One of the priority missions is the prevention of violations of the Dayton Peace Accord, where the roles of the United Nations and PIC are indispensable.”

Acknowledging today’s global challenges—evil, atrocities, injustice, and inequalities—dr Lagumdzija emphasized the need for collective motivation toward a better world. Celebrating successes was seen as pivotal in energizing nations for a brighter future.

Highlighting the milestone of 30 years since the Dayton Peace Accord, dr Lagumdzija praised the remarkable peacekeeping achievement without a single soldier casualty among deployed forces. He expressed gratitude to key individuals, crediting their roles in building the Armed Forces.

Underlining future priorities, he stressed the importance of preventing violations of the Dayton Peace Accord, supporting reform agendas, and upholding international law and human rights. Quoting President Biden, he reaffirmed the commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s sovereignty and stability.

Dr Lagumdzija thanked the international community for their contributions and expressed eagerness to strengthen partnerships. As the gathering celebrated their national holiday and the Armed Forces’ “18th birthday,” he wished everyone good health and an enjoyable evening.

Colonel Bruno Lukic, the Military Advisor of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UN, delivered a moving speech on the occasion of the Day of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Celebrating 18 years since their establishment, the speech highlighted the nation’s progress, challenges overcome, and dedication to a secure future.

Acknowledging the challenges faced since inception, Colonel Lukic praised the commitment and dedication of the armed forces in overcoming hurdles, emphasizing their professionalism, integrity, and determination in upholding democracy and peace. Highlighting the Armed forces’ commitment to cooperation with civil structures, Colonel Lukic emphasized their active engagement in disaster relief both domestically and abroad. A pivotal focus was placed on the armed forces’ commitment to gender equality. Looking ahead, the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina pledged continued efforts toward defense capabilities, regional cooperation, and NATO integration while upholding international humanitarian law.

Colonel Lukic concluded by honoring fallen soldiers and urged unity, cooperation, and understanding to safeguard hard-earned peace. He expressed appreciation  to international partners, emphasizing collective efforts to strengthen peace, stability, and prosperity in the nation and globally. 


Speech dr Zlatko Lagumdzija, PR of Bosnia and Herzegovina to the UN


Speech Colonel Bruno Lukic

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