Re: Generation

On 26 November, the Permanent Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with the Permanent Mission of United States, organized a premiere of the documentary film Re: Generation by a young Bosnian film director Emir Kapetanović in the ECOSOC conference room at the UN Headquarters. The film is produced by Magacin Kabare and International Republican Institute (IRI), in cooperation with USAID. It is a story of ten young people from ten different cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, so-called “Ambassadors of Reconciliation” who travel through the cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina in which the ethnic tensions, 23 years after the war, still exist. Meeting and talking to the victims of war, war veterans, religious leaders, artists, civil society activists and politicians they try to overcome the divisions and prejudice in order to build better future for all the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The premiere was attended by the numerous UN diplomats, as well as by the producers, Ms Zana Marjanovic and Borislav Spasojević, and six of the protagonists: Nina, Gorana, Vahida, Lorena, Neđo and Franjo

Opening remarks were made by Ambasador Ivica Dronjić, Permanent Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Ambassador Jonathan Cohen, Deputy Permanent Representative of the US Mission.

“I am proud that the “Re:Generation” is the first B&H film shown at the UN Headquarters in the big ECOSOC hall, where some of the great international films had been screened. It was my honour to represent Bosnia and Herzegovina at the place where some of the most important decisions are being made and present it as a country that despite its challenges survives, recovers and becomes an example how to overcome the problems of the today’s world” said Mr Kapetanovic after the screening.

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