Ambassador Ivica Dronjić, Permanent Representativa of B&H to UN in New York, presented his credentials to the Secretary General António Guterres

The new Permanent Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ambassador Ivica Dronjic presented his credentials to the Secretary-General António Guterres on 31st of August 2018 in the UN Headquarters in New York, thus he was officially accredited as the representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina to this Organization.
During the ceremony, Ambassador Dronjic conveyed greetings and best wishes from all three members of the Presidency of B&H, and their dedication to the international peace and prosperity, with respect to the UN Charter and international sovereignty of all the Member States. He emphasized his intention to increase the visibility of Bosnia and Herzegovina within the UN system, especially in the Peacekeeping Missions, Disarmament and Preventive Diplomacy, as well as in fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

The Secretary-General Guterres congratulated Ambassador Dronjic on his appointment and wished him success in his endeavors. He extended his welcome and said that he was glad to have accredited an experienced career diplomat who knows the UN system so well, so he is convinced that Ambassador Dronjic will be a worthy representative of his Country and will make a substantial impact on the UN. After the ceremony, Secretary General Guterres organized a short meeting for Ambassador Dronjic with the members of his Cabinet and the representatives of the Office of Political Affairs.
Ambassador Dronjic is the eight Permanent Representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina since 22nd May 1992, the day this country became a UN member. He is career diplomat since 1986, and prior to this duty he was Deputy Permanent Representative of B&H in the UN Offices in New York (2002-4), Vienna (2005-10), Geneva (2012-16) as well as Head of UN department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on two occasions (2005 and 2016).

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